Wolfard Glassblowing Oil Lamps


Hand-blown in California’s Wine Country region for over a quarter century, Wolfard Oil Lamps represent the very finest in craftsmanship and materials. They are made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its strength and clarity. Each lamp includes a wickholder, two pieces of wick and a fillerspout. They come in three sizes with the following dimensions:
Height             Width
6 inches          3 inches
9 inches          3 3/4 inches
12 inches        4 1/2 inches



CLASSIC WOLFARD OIL LAMPS have earned an international reputation for excellence in design and function. Wolfard Lamps are beautifully hand-crafted and bring style and elegance to any room. They can be used with any high quality lamp oil, including colored or scented oils. Avoid using kerosene or cheap lamp oils, since they tend to smoke and have strong odors. Because Wolfard Lamps are made from the finest heat-resistant glass available, they are rugged enough to be cleaned in the dishwasher. For best results, place lamp upside down so the reservoir doesn’t fill with soap and water. Just remember that any object made of glass isn’t indestructible, so treat your lamp with reasonable care.

The following table tells you approximately how long your lamp should burn between refills. Since each Wolfard Lamp is hand-blown, burning times may vary just slightly:

Lamp Size Wick Length Fuel Capacity  Burn Time
6” 2” 1 ½ oz 12 hours
 9” 2.5” 4 oz 27 hours
12” 2.75” 6 oz 40 hours

ALWAYS keep out of the reach of children whether lit or not.
NEVER leave any device unattended while lit.

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Wolfard Glassblowing

Wolfard 6 Inch Oil Lamp, Wolfard 9 Inch Oil Lamp, Wolfard 12 Inch Oil Lamp


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