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Ransmeier Ceramics – North Carolina

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Microwave Ceramic Bacon Cookers were pioneered by Potter Clyde Gobble for New Morning Gallery. They quickly became the gallery’s all-time best seller, and we now carry Bacon Cookers by several American artists. Our Bacon Cookers are constructed with food-safe ceramics and glazes, and they are dishwasher safe.

Because our Bacon Cookers are all hand-made, there may be slight color or size variations than the items shown.

• Drape bacon slices over center well.
• Microwave approximately one minute per slice. Adjust cook time to allow for your microwave settings and bacon thickness.
• Grease drips into saucer for easy disposal.
• Dishwasher safe.
• High fire stoneware with lead free glazes.
• Place your hot bacon cooker on a trivet or cloth to avoid cracking the clay. Cold counters can cause thermal shock.

DIMENSIONS (approximate)
Base diameter = 7″
Height = 5.5″
Handle to spout = 8″
Cup diameter = 4:
Cup depth = 5″
Base depth = 0.75″


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