NMG Pop-up Expo at Blue Spiral 1

During COVID closures, Blue Spiral 1 is hosting special online exclusive exhibitions for New Morning Gallery, and Bellagio. Items listed below are available for purchase through this site or you may contact New Morning Gallery via phone.

New Morning Gallery has been celebrating American-made crafts since 1973. Showcasing hundreds of artists in ceramic, wood, glass, metal, and beyond, we are one of the largest craft galleries in the country – and, by many, the most beloved! Located in the heart of the historic Biltmore Village in Asheville, NC, our gallery and annual craft fair draws art-lovers from near and far. At New Morning Gallery we cherish what is beautiful, functional, crafted, and lasting. We call it Art for Living.
Bellagio Art to Wear and Bellagio Everyday are boutiques where artisanship, style, and community meet.  Our stores feature the work of some of the finest artisan jewelry makers in Asheville and throughout America. Our curated jewelry collections embody fine quality and timeless appeal. We pay particular attention to an artist’s use of texture in our jewelry collections to provide a tactile experience as well as aesthetic appeal. 
10% of all sales will go to Manna Food Bank.
Contact info:
Bellagio Art to Wear               
Biltmore Village                          
5 Biltmore Plaza                             
Asheville, NC 28803                     
(828) 277-8100                            
Check out the Pop-up Expos here-