Bride: Natalie Wolfe
Groom: Joseph Hollenback
Wedding Date: May 5, 2018

The Bride and Groom will pick up their gifts at New Morning Gallery.
Gift Certificates are welcome!

To purchase an item from the registry or a Gift Certificate, please call New Morning Gallery at 828-274-2831. 

Gift Certificate

to New Morning Gallery

Qty: Unlimited

Price: $You Pick!

Sunset Canyon

Dinner Plates, Sedona Sand Glaze

Qty: 2

Price: $38.00 each

Sunset Canyon

Small Platter (13"), Sedona Sand Glaze

Qty: 1

Price: $64.00

Sea Stones

Wine Goblets

Qty: 2

Price: $30.00 each

Esteban Prieto

Deluxe Tumblers, Clear (incorrect size shown)

Qty: 4

Price: $24.00 each

Sea Stones

Drink Chillers

Qty: 1

Price: $24.00

Bill Campbell

Spoon Rest, Stellar Glaze

Qty: 1

Price: $19.00

Pequea Valley Forge

Flat Pizza Cutter, Mezzaluna

Qty: 1

Price: $36.00

Black Mountain Pottery

Oil Dispenser

Qty: 1

Price: $38.00

Tom Homann

Oil Dispenser, Green/Brown Glaze

Qty: 1

Price: $34.00

Sunset Canyon

Chip and Dip, Deep; Aurora Glaze

Qty: 1

Price: $80.00