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Our furniture artists use traditional materials like wood, metal, and glass to create wonderful works of functional art - sometimes mixing and matching in creative and inspiring ways. Many also incorporate natural materials like stone and bark or re-purposed objects such as old windows or bourbon barrels! Whether your home is rustic, modern, or something in between, we are certain you will find something perfect in our extensive furniture gallery. Our artists will create custom designs for your individual needs: perhaps you need just the right size to fit in the nook of your front hall, or maybe you're looking for a kitchen table with your family's favorite sayings on it! Whatever your needs (and your dreams!), we are happy to work with you directly to create the perfect piece. Browse the sampling below to get a feeling for the work that we carry. To see what we currently have in stock or to get started on a custom order, visit us or get in touch! Our furniture consultants are always ready for a new project, and will make the experience delightful. Get started today!


Sarah Grant was an abstract painter and college art instructor until 1985 when she was commissioned by Better Homes & Gardens Decorative Woodcrafts magazine to design a wooden nativity. This spurred an interest in experimenting with etching her designs into wood and she soon realized this technique was an effective way to realize her designs. Sarah began a small company called “Origin Art Forms” and in 1991, Better Homes and Gardens featured a story on Sarah and her company that elicited a large national response and an influx of orders. In 1992, Sarah incorporated the company as “Sticks, Inc.” In the studio, Sticks’ artisans construct furniture from birch, poplar and driftwood, then woodburn imaginitive imagery and text and hand-paint with vibrant colors. Since each piece is made from scratch, Sticks furniture can be personalized to feature themes, imagery, text, or colors chosen by the customer!


Russian-born artist Yelena Abouf established her own studio shortly after receiving her BFA from the University of Southern California. Her grid-based furniture provides great versatility in design and in function. She contrasts the coolness of brushed steel with the natural warmth of wood, creating a well-balanced contemporary style instilled with the traditions of the handmade. Venezia Furniture has grown into a large studio still based in California; furniture can be ordered in pre-selected color palettes or made custom.

Dryad's Dancing

Margaret Taylor grew up working with her father on household projects and fell in love with the beauty of commonplace objects. Simone Wilson is an obsessive scavenger and rescuer of materials from the past. Together, they create beautiful, interesting, and totally unique furniture in an assemblage style from reclaimed wood and metal. The duo seeks the balance of beautiful artwork which is also completely functional for daily use.

Bradford Woodworking

Brad Smith grew up on a Pennsylvania farm and learned from a young age to fix and build. After studying woodworking at RIT, he and his wife Sandy started Bradford Woodworking. They design completely functional furniture from "off the shelf" farm equipment - ax handles, pitchforks, and tractor seats, for example. Brad jokes that their style is "rusticated, post-agricultural contemporary country," and enjoys melding many styles into something totally unique.

Other Options

Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch! We work with a lot of furniture artists and can always find something that suits your needs. Ask us to send pictures from artist catalogs or items from our sales floor so you can get a good feeling of your options. We are happy to take time working with you. It's fun!